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Displayed below are examples of live websites on which the Image Hotspotter plugin is in use. They are featured here to showcase what participating clients have done with it and to give potential users some ideas how it might be of use them.

Atlas Workshops

atlas-workshops-300x174 The Atlas Workshops team needed a bit of customized functionality out of Image Hotspotter. They have an image of a global map with pins all over it, and they wanted to make it so custom HTML will appear in a fixed bubble when the mouse hovers over instead of moving with the mouse. We created the custom JavaScript required to make this function, and it can be found on the FAQ page.

Great Pacific Seafoods

Great Pacific Seafoods The developer of this site had a map of their client's various facilities located in Alaska. They needed Image Hotspotter to display detailed information about each facility on mouse hover and also when clicking.

Pow-Wow Point Lodge

Pow-Wow Point Lodge This client needed to make an interactive property map of several cottages at a resort. Upon hovering over a cottage an info window follows your mouse to report a description of that room, and when clicked, each building pops open its own lightbox-based image slideshow to display photos of the room.

If you are already using Image Hotspotter and would like your site featured here, just drop us a line!