Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

From time to time users of the Image Hotspotter plugin are kind enough to share their appreciation for the software and our support. This page is here just to share with other users and potential users what they think of us. You can send your testimonials via the Contact Us form. To those who contribute, thank you very much for sharing!

LM Reynolds, Business Workflow and Web Design Consultant — "After several days of trying to make a large image map work in the Divi theme, I came upon your product in a post about great WordPress plug-ins. Your remarkably quick response to my question about compatibility convinced me to give it a try. I couldn't be more pleased! It's quick, easy, and has all the functionality I was looking for... Hover, Click, Pop-up ... along with css styling samples and js auto-size-adjustment script on top of it. Thank you for saving my sanity!"

Josh Moore, Managing Director — "Image Hotspotter is a brilliant plugin. Super easy to use. I was able to give my clients exactly what they wanted within minutes, and very pleased that it works flawlessly in my responsive website."

Rodrigo Reyes, Plexus Web Strategist — "Image Hotspotter es una excelente herramienta, estoy muy contento de poder ofrecerles a mis clientes esta opción para hacer sus sitios web más dinámicos!!" Translation by Google: "Image Hotspotter is an excellent tool, I am very happy to offer my customers the option to make their websites more dynamic!!"

Brooks Clifford, Owner of BigRedDog Solutions — "I had tried multiple software (plug-ins) on my website that would allow the mouse to interact with images, Image Hotspotter solved my probably and allowed me to create a easy and simple design that looks AWESOME on my website. Thanks!"

David Gaz, Creative Director — "Image Hotspotter is a terrific plugin, and very customizable, but the one thing that sets it apart from the many great products out there is their spectacular support. I'm happy when a plugin developer gets back to me within a day, but these guys got back in hours. It really showcases the level of their commitment and quality of the product."