Below are detailed the requisites of the Image Hotspotter licenses available for purchase. Note that the plugin implementation, as a derivative work of WordPress, is duly licensed under the GNU General Public License v2.0 and that the commercial licenses described below are required for access to distribution, consumer support, and upgrades.

Common Among All Licenses

  • You agree to the Image Hotspotter Terms & Conditions.
  • A license key shall be provided upon receipt of payment.
  • Technical support must be requested with a valid license key.
  • Software upgrades shall only be available to valid purchasers.
  • You must not provide your license key or download information to any third party.
  • A link to your website using the plugin may be featured on this website. (Please let us know if you'd prefer we didn't.)

Single-Site License

  • The plugin may be used on a maximum of one domain or sub-domain.

Three-Site License

  • The plugin may be used on a maximum of three domains or sub-domains.

Unlimited-Site License

  • The plugin may be used by you on personal or client websites without limitation on the number of domains or sub-domains.